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CCBJ Vol I No 11: Energy Storage

CCBJ estimates that storage devices generated $2 billion in revenues in the United States in 2008 through the arbitrage of on-peak/off-peak rates and sales of ancillary services such as frequency regulation. Most revenues were generated by pumped storage hydropower systems, a small amount from the one existing compressed air energy storage plant in the United States, and even smaller amounts from flywheel and battery systems. The market may be small today, but it has enormous potential. In this edition, CCBJ profiles leading energy storage technology developers and interviews storage experts at independent system operators and utilities who view energy storage as a critical enabling technology to integrate large volumes of intermittent renewable power.


CCBJ Vol I No 10: Green Building

In this special green building edition, CCBJ estimates the U.S. green building industry at $45 billion in 2007 in terms of value of green buildings put in place during the calendar year. Annual growth has been 30-40% from 2004-2007, after 50-60% growth in 2001-2003 when EBI Inc. started estimating the value of green buildings based on certification data, total construction data, interviews and surveys of practitioners and experts.


CCBJ Vol I No 08-09: Wind Energy

The Global Wind Energy Industry grew 42% in 2007 and totaled $39.3 billion. This CCBJ edition details our current quantification, highlights trends in the wind energy industry, and profiles the key segments and companies across the supply chain in the wind energy business.


CCBJ Vol I No 06-07: Bioenergy & Biofuels

In this special edition, CCBJ presents a quantitative assessment of the bioenergy industry, survey results and a forecast, as well as a qualitative review of segments derived from more than 50 interviews with executives, experts, regulators and investors.


CCBJ Vol I No 05: Carbon Capture & Storage

There is international consensus that growth in coal power must be accompanied by deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems.


CCBJ Vol I No 03-04: Solar Energy

The solar energy industry grew 38% in 2007 and generated $23 billion in global revenues, according to CCBJ research. While it still represents only 0.1% of global electricity generation, solar is quickly expanding share.


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