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CCBJ Vol IV No 02-03: Fossil Fuels

Will global fossil fuel dependence transition gradually or will policy measures, technology and strategic initiatives by industry make more revolutionary changes possible? This double edition covers various scenarios in each major emitter segment and puts them together in overviews of short- and long-term business opportunities for those providing solutions.


CCBJ Vol IV No 01: Executive Review

Second annual CCBJ Business Achievement Awards, featuring winners from a range of segments and size categories. Q&A interviews with top executives in energy efficiency technology funding, the nuclear industry, sustainable infrastructure development, water treatment, greenhouse gas management, project financing, low carbon power in the utility business, and legal developments.


CCBJ Vol III No 12: North American Climate Policy Edition

With the November 2010 election foreclosing prospects for a federal cap-and-trade bill before 2013, CCBJ examines state and provincial and the multiple rulemaking initiatives of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in our new North American Climate Policy edition.


CCBJ Vol III No 10-11: Annual Overview of the Climate Change Industry

After the demise of Kerry-Graham-Lieberman in the spring and the Republican rout in November, climate legislation has a snowball's chance in Canc¨²n of being passed by 2012. Yet the broader spectrum of drivers that propel business in CCBJ's climate change industry sustained modest 2% growth in 2009 and 2010 and look strong going forward.


CCBJ Vol III No 08-09: Information Technology in the Climate Change Industry

In this double edition, CCBJ draws on expertise from scores of analysts and business leaders, as well as third-party research, to show how IT tools are enhancing GHG mitigation strategies and-in the case of the smart grid, intelligent transportation and other segments-essentially creating new industries.


CCBJ Vol III No 07: Investment & Finance in the Climate Change Industry

CCBJ analyzes trends for all types of equity finance, from venture capital to sovereign wealth funds, as well as government support programs and the project finance debt that is so critical to clean energy projects. Analysts, financial services consultants and market participants discuss the significance of $185 billion in global stimulus spending and reveal the challenges for the climate change industry to convert investors who are waiting for proof of sustained performance.


Business Achievement Awards