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EBJ Vol XXIV No 03 & 04: Remediation & Redevelopment

EBJ's annual analysis of the remediation business features market growth and forecasts by client sectors, trends in market drivers and technology applications, company profiles and features on brownfields and state programs.


EBJ Vol XXIV No 02: Environmental Industry Outlook for 2011 and EBJ Snapshot Survey

EBJ provides data on 2010 growth rates and a forecast for 2011-2012 based on a comprehensive survey of more than 320 environmental industry executives. EBJ 2011 Snapshot Survey respondents see a pickup in 2010 growth to an average of 5%, and forecast three points higher growth in 2011, but multiple concerns continue to permeate the modestly optimistic outlook. Data is presented on market driver and economic issues, as well as trends in client, service and geographic niches as industry participants provide their review of the past couple of years and an outlook on 2011 and 2012.


EBJ Vol XXIV No 01: Air Quality Markets 2011

EBJ's annual analysis of markets and trends in policy, business strategy and client sectors in the business of air pollution control equipment and air quality consulting & engineering. Although a host of new air quality programs of almost unprecedented breadth and scale are on tap for 2011 and 2012 from EPA, the threat of these programs has cast the major emitters into a waiting game in the USA, much to the chagrin of APC companies. Meanwhile global markets thrive as Asia builds out its power sector with adequate controls and Europe and the Middle East get their houses in order.


EBJ Vol XXIII No 12: Executive Review and 2010 EBJ Business Achievement Awards

EBJ's annual feature edition listing the 2010 EBJ Business Achievement Awards and Q&As with key senior executives in the environmental industry.


EBJ Vol XXIII No 11: Water & Wastewater

The $127-billion U.S. water industry grows through the recession as rate increases sustain the municipal infrastructure but equipment sales decline in 2009 as capital spending budgets are impacted. Consulting & engineering firms mostly find water/wastewater markets remain stable, outpacing slump in some other practice areas. Global markets expect more growth in water but experts warn that a major funding gap still exists in the USA and other developed markets for water markets and service and technology vendors to reach their potential.


EBJ Vol XXIII No 10: Energy Efficiency

The $50-billion U.S. energy efficiency business is mostly equipment and systems, but services and specialty markets like smart grid and demand response applications and are a more repidly growing component that will exceed $10 billion in 2010. Federal stimulus and other efforts to open up financing have sustained growth thorugh the economic cycle and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), Energy Service Providers and Consulting engineering firms with EE/DR practices all compete at various levels of the market.Exhibits include market size from 2000-2010, market segments in 6 subsegments in 2008-2009 and results of an EBJ survey forecasting growth and rating client segments.


Business Achievement Awards